OIV: current state of the global wine industry – April 2018   

May 15,  2000

Further, some main conclusions with regard to the state of industry in 2017:

  1. With 7.6 mha in 2017, the size of the global area under vines appears to have stabilised.
  2. Wine production was at 250 mhl in 2017. This was a historically low production year, with a decline of 8.6% compared with the previous year, explained in particular by unfavourable climate conditions within the EU (-14.6% compared with 2016).
  3. A total of 243 mhl of wines were consumed in 2017. Consumption had almost stabilised following the 2008 economic crisis, with a positive trend over the past 3 years.
  4. World wine trade: there was a very positive balance, both in terms of volume (108 mhl, +3.4% compared with 2016) and value (30bn EUR, +4.8% compared with 2016).
      Further details: OIV Press Release April 2018
      Download presentation: World vitiviniculture situation 2017

      The state of Romanian wine industry in 2017 can be viewed here: Romanian Wine Industry Outlook 2017
      Romania’s Wine Exports in 2017, here: Romania: Wine Exports 2017
      Romania’s Wine Imports in 2017, here: Romania: Wine Imports 2017

      Source: APEV Romania
      Link: apev@wineromania.com

      Wines of Romania at London Wine Fair 2018   

      May 16,  2000

      At this edition APEV Romania was honoured to introduce 10 top wine producers, namely:

      1. Alcovin Vinuri de Macin
      2. Crama Ceptura
      3. Cramele Halewood
      4. Domeniile Blaga
      5. Domeniul Bogdan
      6. Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea
      7. Domaniile Ostrov
      8. Jidvei
      9. Vitis Metamorfosis
      10. Ch. Pietrosaratii

      They are coming from famous wine regions of the country, such as: Ceptura and Urlati in Dealu Mare (Muntenia), Segarcea (Oltenia), Jidvei (Transylvania), Macin (Tulcea), Pestera (Dobrogea).
      For further information: APEV Romania
      Contact Person: Ioan Stefan

      Source: APEV Romania
      Link: apev@wineromania.com

      OIV: Current state of the global wine industry. Paris, October 24   

      October 24,  2000

      The report covers the vitivinicultural production potential, areas under vines, global wine production and consumption, and wine import and export volumes. Thus:

      1. Very low production in Europe: production levels were at a historic low in Italy (39.3 mhl), France (36.7 mhl) and Spain (33.5 mhl).
      2. Germany (8.1 mhl) also recorded low production.
      3. Portugal (6.6 mhl), Romania (5.3 mhl), Hungary (2.9 mhl) and Austria (2.4 mhl) were the only countries to see a rise compared with 2016.
      4. An even higher level of production was recorded in the United States (23.3 mhl).
      5. South Africa (10.8 mhl) maintained its level of production.
      6. In South America, production increased compared with the low levels of 2016, particularly in Argentina (11.8 mhl) and Brazil (3.4 mhl). In Chile (9.5 mhl), vinified production remained low.
      7. Australian production (13.9 mhl) grew and New Zealand production (2.9 mhl) maintained a very good level despite a slight decline.
      Further details: OIV Press Release October 2017
      Download presentation: World vitiviniculture report October 2017

      Source: APEV Romania
      Link: apev@wineromania.com

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