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About us
WEPA, the Wine Exporters and Producers Asociation in Romania is a non-profit, legal entity of private law, meant to represent, defend and promote its members? rights, both locally and internationally.
Formed in 2001, with the declared purpose to become the Romanian wine community?s most authoritative Voice, the Association has succeeded within a very short time to accomplish a number of significant tasks in favour of its members, which simply made our membership grow.
Presently, WEPA, which operates within the legal framework established by Government Ordinance (GO) 26/2000 with regard to Foundations and Associations, and by GO 55/2000 with regard to interprofessional organisations on food and agricultural products, includes the ten most powerful wine producing and exporting companies in the country.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help the wine industry of Romania express its identity and tap its growth potential by promoting excellence throughout the wine sector.
We are committed to providing our members with resources for their continuous quality and performance improvement, as well as to creating the necessary prerequisites to boost and relaunch the Romanian wine industry, primarily through a substantial growth in its competitiveness.
The need for a strong, dynamic and most articulate professional organisation stemmed from Romanian wine community?s desire to stop the sector's decline, mainly caused by the lack of vision, strategic planning, synergy, expertise, funds and, last but not least, by the lack of an advocacy body to lobby and fight for its interests

- Support the Romanian wineries, through specific actions, in preparing themselves for accession to the European Union (e.g. approximation of Romanian legislation, adoption of best oenological practices and techniques, promotion of high-quality wines with denominations of origin, etc.).
- Help the Romanian wine producers and exporters develop and reach the highest EU and international quality standards to withstand the competition pressure of EU and world markets.
- Carry out specific research on domestic and international markets and organise advocacy and promotion campaigns in favour of Romanian wine industry, Romanian wines and Romania as wine country.
- Facilitate networking and communication among its members and other renown wine associations of producers and exporters in the EU and in the world.
- Initiate local and international projects with multiple dimensions in art, culture, tourism, etc.
- Develop international co-operation and attract foreign direct and portfolio investment in the field.

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